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BOWMAKING In my shop I make bows for every type of instrument: bows of all periods (modern, Classical, Baroque, Renaissance and..."experimental").
Each of my bows is a unique creation, intended to satisfy the aesthetic sense and, above all, to provide maximum functionality.
I always use top-quality wood.
For modern bows I use only pernambuco of outstanding quality. They are usually mounted in ebony and silver or, upon request, in gold and other materials.
For Baroque and Renaissance bows, I draw for inspiration upon the imagery that has come down to us. I select the type of wood-and, as a result, the type of bow-best suited to each player, arm, and instrument, deciding together with the musician about the wood, length, thickness, curve, and balance. In this case, too, the wood used is always of the finest quality. For Baroque bows, it is generally snakewood; while for Renaissance bows, I choose among various local varieties or use a wood requested by the musician. Every one of my "period" bows is the outcome of a thorough study carried out in collaboration with the performer, based on the requirements of the person who is going to use it and the experience of the person who is going to make it.

My bows made from June 1983 onwards are all signed P. CAVALAZZI - MILANO and bear the symbol of the Duomo of Milan on the frog; they are used by important musicians, and my work reflects this accumulated experience.
Bows made earlier bear the simple brand PIETRO CAVALAZZI.

So come choose a Cavalazzi bow: you'll discover my experience and reliability for yourself!
What's more, the guarantee has no time limit; and one of my bows can be exchanged for another made by me at any time.
For teachers and schools...advantageous financial conditions are available.

RESTORATIONS In my shop I carry out restorations and repairs. I also make adjustments to bows, trying to work out in each instance the modification most appropriate to the case. My restorations always aim both at the functionality of the bow and the preservation of its original style-and for every one of my repairs, I can also offer a guarantee with no time limits!
The repair of the mechanism always begins with a check of the contact of the frog, the centring of the screw and of all the holes.
The head can be restored in various ways and the ivory or metal face is replaced.
Only when necessary, the curve is altered.
The balance can be altered through the addition of small amounts of ballast at the frog or the head.
The lapping may be modified to optimize weight or balance.
Replacement of screws and eyelets.
In every case, I try to respect the bow's original characteristics and to find solutions consistent with historically authentic criteria that take into account the maker's choices and those of the player.

MAINTENANCE Maintenance takes the forms of cleaning, filling in worn down areas, replacement of the leather and the lapping, and rehairing.
Whenever possible, maintenance procedures are carried out in the space of a day. The musician can observe the procedure, or else take advantage of the "pause" in the bow's activity to relax or try out my own bows.
When you come to see me, remember to ask me for your personal fidelity card: it will guarantee you a free rehair for every 10 you have done in my shop!
The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Other hours are possible by arrangement.

ADVICE Do not hesitate to ring me, even if you simply want advice. I will be happy to answer your questions if I can.
OPPORTUNITIES If you're hunting for a particular bow, one of a given period or having special characteristics, contact me on the search page: I may be able to help you find the bow you're looking for!

Pietro Cavalazzi, Bowmaker - Milan

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